5 Mind-Blowing DIY PR Tips: Grow Your Small Business to Unimaginable Heights


If you own a small business, producing your own PR or public relations is all about creating pitches and making sure that they get to the right people. Generating a buzz in your chosen industry requires authenticity, not just in yourself but also in your business.

If you are willing enough to put in the ample amount of time and work, doing your own PR can be an excellent money-saving decision for your small business.

1. Share your story

Storytelling is one of the best ways to mold your brand and build trust with your clients or others in the same industry. You can share the story of how your business was established, and your patrons can share stories of their own experiences with your brand!

2. Run with the industry

Read and read more to ensure you keep yourself informed with all that’s related to your enterprise. Make use of Google Alerts and Twitter Mentions. Be on the lookout for your industry’s top influencers. Research on what your competitors are up to. Plus, you can always use websites like IFTTT to compile articles that have relevant keywords from the internet and get fresh content delivered straight to your inbox.

3. Rub elbows with the best influencers

After actively following the best reporters and influencers in your industry, the next step is to try networking with them. Associating with influencers and others in your line of business is an incredible way to establish a name for both your and your brand. However, the comments you make shouldn’t be forced or seem self-promotional. After all, DIY PR is all about authenticity and trustworthiness.


5. Perfection is the key to pitching

Putting your name in the open even when your product or service isn’t ready yet can only get you bad client reviews, which usually spells a death sentence for small businesses or startup companies. You have to bear in mind that great products or high-quality services are usually the ones that get more favorable press once they’re revealed to the public.

Concentrate on perfecting whatever it is your offering before scrambling to reach for the press. Don’t be scared to get initial opinions from a small group of trusted individuals who can give you feedback that’s actually helpful in improving your goods or the quality of your service.

6. Craft innovative and fascinating pitches

In pitching, you have to remain as objective as you can. Although you believe all that your business does or provides is the best, not everybody will think the same way.

Recognize that top industry influencers are regularly blasted with pitches, so yours has to have that creative and personal touch. This goes back to our first tip: share your story. Make it simple and sweet, and if you’re sending it via email, your subject line should be attention-grabbing and won’t be confused for spam.

For small businesses like yours, the right mindset and drive make doing DIY Public Relations a perfectly credible opportunity.

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