A Two-Minute Read for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Make Genuine Connections in the Business World


In the modern world, success is often measured by the number of connections and loyal supporters you have. But one can never truly know if a connection can be of much help or not, so enlarging your social circle is the best possible way to gather some of the most wonderful people and professional opportunities.

Along with building these bonds, one must also make genuine connections that can go way more than just formality. Thankfully, there are some tips that entrepreneurs can take as a piece of advice in making authentic connections!

Help people in solving their problems.

One of the most generous ways by which a person can get respect and build up a connection from heart to heart is by helping. If someone around you is facing an issue, try to help them solve that problem, and if you can’t, refer them to someone else who can.

Don’t expect anything in return.

Being a businessman, you are accustomed to holding high expectations. But when you are trying to build a connection, expectations should be left out the door because they will only serve as hurdles. Remember: Bonds are not business. Try to do good deeds while not thinking about what you will be getting in return in the near future.

Show that you’re interested.

One great way to make an impression on someone is to show genuine interest in things that they are passionate about. Believe us when we say that people can feel if you are honestly excited about their work. Approach people with a healthy smile on your face if you want to win their hearts, but also make peace with the fact that everyone wouldn’t like you.

Maintain proper eye contact.

While talking to people, make adequate eye contact with them for at least 4-5 seconds. Pay close attention to what they are saying and interact with them through this gesture. It affirms that you understand them and that you are confident and interested in the conversation. Plus, maintaining the right amount of eye contact will imprint your winning personality in their minds.

Ask good questions.

Throughout a whole conversation, all you have to do is be authentic and stay natural. Here’s something for you: People like talking about themselves. When you start asking questions about them, you’ll not only win their hearts, but they will actively listen to you in future encounters as well.

Give value to individuals.

Most people these days just want to pitch their business and brag about their net worth. Don’t be one of those bad apples. After all, making connections is not a transaction. One has to earn respect and make a genuine heart to heart connection. Value the input of the people and ask relevant questions. Be real, pass smiles, and give them the value they deserve.

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