Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers and Sophie Turner just got married, and this is one Wedding that nobody saw coming. The wedding ceremony was so brief that one would wonder if there is another glamorous one scheduled for later. Well, maybe there is.


The wedding took place just after the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas. A lot of fans would have doubted that it really was Joe’s wedding ceremony if Diplo hadn’t been streaming it live on his Instagram stories.

Diplo shared several short videos with some snapshot filters. The American DJ also shared the most important moment of the ceremony when the marital vows were exchanged. Joe Jonas wore a well-tailored suit and his newly wedded bride wore the conventional bride’s white gown looking as beautiful as ever. There were also friends and families in the gathering, and the event seemed very low key.

DJ Diplo shared feeds from the wedding live on IG

Inside reports revealed that the wedding was a complete one with the couple having a copy of their Marital license which was obtained prior to the ceremony. However, this is an unexpected turn to their wedding ceremony because Joe once revealed that the marriage would be this year, but it would take place during the summer. Now we wonder if they are planning another ceremony for the summer.


Earlier, during the Billboard Award show, the groom performed with his brothers in what people present termed as an electric performance, little did they know that it would be his last performance as a single man.

The Jonas Brothers significant others were also present at the award, Nick Jonas and wife, Priyanka Chopra, walked down the red carpet together. Also, Kevin Jonas and his wife were spotted together. Sophie Turner, however, did not appear on the red carpet with Joe Jonas, but they were seen all loved up during the full swing of the event.

Prior to the show proper, Joe shared a video on Instagram revealing that Sophie has a seat next to him, and he also showed the place card on the seat to confirm that, before sharing a couple of jokes with his followers.

Joe and Sophie were seen enjoying the award ceremony together side by side


However, it seems the brief wedding has been pre-planned by Joe Jonas since he once talked about how he wanted his wedding ceremony to look like. It was at the James Corden show when he was asked what he learned from the wedding of his brothers.

He joked that Nick had about 18 ceremonies for his marriage, and even though they were all nice he would prefer that he did just one and got it over with quickly. As for Kevin’s wedding, Joe said there was a snowstorm during the wedding, and he is looking to avoid that, “even if it was fantastic” he said sarcastically.

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