Loughlin and her husband are currently out on a million dollar bond. They recently gave their formal response to the District Attorney’s Office and pleaded not guilty to the initial charges. They also pleaded not guilty to the subsequent charges of conspiracy to commit fraud.

Loughlin and her husband are facing charges for paying bribes to get their kids into the University of Southern California

Their plea was a surprise to several legal analysts. Although the analysts are not their representatives, they have all given their recommendations at some point or the other about the couple taking a plea deal.

The 54-year-old actress has been accused of paying bribes to get her kids, 20-year-old Isabella Rose Giannulli and 19-year-old Olivia Jade Giannulli into the University of Southern California by claiming that they were recruits of the crew team. An insider has however revealed that she is not entirely convinced that she’s wrong.


According to the insider, Lori is of the opinion that she is not guilty because she believes any parent would do what she did if they found themselves in her situation. The bribery scandal involves educational institutions such as Yale, Georgetown, and Stanford.

It has raised a lot of questions as to series of other unlawful college admissions tactics like making large donations to universities in order to get favorable placement and also taking advantage of their legacy status. The source said she doesn’t think what she did amounted to a criminal act for which she should be jailed. As such, she intends to fight and has strongly refused to give in.

The scandal involves educational institutions such as Yale and Georgetown

Another insider said the actress does not think they have cheated and they do not see what they did as cheating. As such, while Felicity Huffman and the other 12 parents who were involved in the scandal entered their guilty pleas, Loughlin and her husband were still looking for a way out.

Another source told a media outlet that Loughlin has been in total denial and believes they could get through it. She refused to accept any deal that would have her going to jail no matter how short the period proposed by the District Attorney office was.


According to another source, Loughlin and her lawyers actually underestimated the motivation of the prosecution, and that was why she did not plead. When that happened, the DA slammed her with another charge. Loughlin is now ready to negotiate, but the prosecution isn’t willing. As such, they only have one choice now, and that is to plead “not guilty.”

Lori Loughlin has no other option than to plead not guilty to the charges against her

Currently, she’s facing a possible jail sentence of up to forty years. A source has hinted media outlets that the case has turned to a catastrophic situation. The source also said that Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are now blaming each other. They are also disagreeing on things and turning things of the office against each other. That has caused a lot of tension and stress between them.

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