If you don’t know about LeBron James, our first question to you is- what have you been doing all this time living on earth?

Known as one of the legends of professional basketball, LeBron is a 32-year-old basketball superstar who first earned his fame for being enlisted by the Cleveland Cavaliers fresh out of high school. Currently, he officially plays the small-forward and power-forward positions for the Los Angeles Lakers. But, little do people know, LeBron is one of the few players around the world who have the skills to play in all five positions.

You’d often see the champion being compared to Michael Jordan but in all truth, while Jordan is comparatively better in the scoring department, no one can dish out assists and grab rebounds as LeBron does.

Hilton & Hyland | The property enjoys one of the best locations in Beverly Hills

In recent news, we’ve discovered that James has just gotten his hands on his third home located in Los Angeles- a sprawling 13,000-square-foot mansion that stands somewhere in the Beverly Hills area. The mansion was originally on the market with a price tag of $39 million, but the basketball player managed to secure a deal for the total price of $36.8 million.

The 2.5-acre property was built in the 1930s and previously belonged to Lee Phillip Bell, who is the co-creator of the famous soap operas: The Young and Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful, who passed away this year. The house was also once owned by other celebrities like Howard Hughes, Charles Boyer, and Katharine Hepburn.

Hilton & Hyland | The interior seems chic, modern, and classy

The home opens from a long bricked driveway that leads to one of the 2 guest houses within the property, which are detached as well as sizable. The main house, however, is a little bit farther, past a classic wrought iron gate, a courtyard that has tall palm trees lined up, and a beautiful fountain.

Altogether, the property consists of the main house, containing a total of 4 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, and two guest houses. There is a grand skylight at the entry hall of the main house, with inbuilt amenities including a movie theatre, and a tennis court. Stepping into the living room you wouldn’t be able to help but admire the floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which open up to the lawn. Elevating the worth of the property, you’d also notice the beautiful views it has to offer, of both the Pacific Ocean as well as Beverly Hills.

Hilton & Hyland | Little artistic details make the interiors even more aesthetically pleasing

A more detailed inspection is still anticipated. It is reported that James is most likely going to reconstruct the whole house and turn it into an even bigger estate, which is why he wants to keep the infrastructure a surprise until he is ready for the big reveal!

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