Stan Lee will forever live in the memory of the millions of fans who continue to enjoy the comic books he created. While his memory as a creative genius remains untarnished, recent revelations reveal that the last years of his life may not have been as ideal as we thought.

And it’s all allegedly the fault of his former manager Keya Morgan. But looking at every detail of the story, it seems like there’s more to it with the controversy turning into a she-said, he-said accusation fest.


Morgan and Lee during a red carpet event for one of the Avengers films

Lee passed away in November of 2018 at 95 years old due to a sudden cardiac arrest. And now his former manager is facing charges of false imprisonment and elder abuse inflicted against the late comic book creator. According to reports from the Los Angeles Police Department, Morgan allegedly took Lee out of his home and into a condominium where he could better control him.

What more, Morgan is also being accused of mishandling the Marvel creator’s money taking $262,000 from his client’s autograph signing sessions. Now, the LAPD is worried that opportunists like the former manager will start eyeing the $50 million fortune that Lee left behind upon his death.


Lee with her only offspring, Joan Celia, who’s also known as J.C.

Firing back to the allegations, Morgan told TMZ that the accusations against him are only attempts by Lee’s only daughter, J.C. and her lawyer. According to Morgan, they want to get back at him because the late comic book creator liked him so much.

It can be remembered that a restraining order against Morgan was filed months before Lee’s passing in relation to his alleged embezzling of Lee’s money. Morgan remains adamant that his former boss didn’t have complaints against him because Lee only showed him compassion and kindness during his employment period. He also firmly believes that the order was orchestrated by J.C. as well.

However, it’s important to note that Morgan fled the state of California when the charges against him were filed. He was eventually arrested in Arizona and appeared at the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Morgan began working for Lee only months before his death. In total, he was employed as his manager for less than nine months.


Lee with his former manager Jerardo ‘Jerry’ Olivarez

This isn’t the first fall out that Lee had with a manager though. Before hiring Morgan, Lee’s affairs were managed by Jerry Olivarez, a known businessman.

Olivarez would, later on, face a lawsuit after reportedly allowing a nurse to extract Lee’s blood. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, according to the lawsuit, the blood was eventually used to sign autographs on old issues of ‘Black Panther’ comics. All without Lee’s consent.

What more, Olivarez is accused of embezzling a total of $1.4 million of Lee’s money via wire transfers and forged checks. The manager also reportedly entered into bad contracts which resulted in the cheapening of Lee’s public image and reputation.

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