Bryce Dishongh is a 37-year-old American from Austin, Texas, who juggles between being a full-time senior front-end developer, part-timing at a doggy daycare, and running his own pet portrait business. Through his jobs, he currently earns over $100,000 a year.

However, even with his income, he still chose to live in a camper behind his truck and rent out his condo on Airbnb. Why? He doesn’t like debt and wants to pay off his mortgage as soon as possible through multiple sources of income.

Dishongh runs his own pet portrait business

Dishongh found himself tired of the increasing rent year after year. So, he decided to buy his own place to have a more fixed payment. In 2017, he bought his first home, a 1-bedroom condo located in Austin, Texas. The 600-square-foot property was worth $140,000, but he paid a 4.2% downpayment of $6,000.

For him, having his own place gave him more freedom to personalize it according to his preferences. So, he spent $9,000 to renovate his newly purchased home. He added wooden ceilings, custom-built cabinets, and a built-in desk customized to fit his tall frame. Surprisingly, that renovation budget was spent mostly on tools and materials as Dishongh himself took on most of the actual construction through YouTube tutorials.

Now that he has escaped fluctuating rent payments, he has a new challenge he wants to face head-on: paying off his mortgage as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 10 years.

He is maintaining multiple sources of income to quickly get rid of debt.

Dishongh has stated that he dislikes being in debt and has revealed that his only debt is the condo. His truck was paid off the same year it was bought.

This idea of living in a camper on his truck is not something novel for him. He has wanted to live in a van, travel around the United States, and work remotely. However, after going over his finances, he realized that it would take over 2 years before the costs even out. So, he came up with another plan. He would have his condo listed on Airbnb to earn an extra $1,700 a month and spend time in the solar-powered camper on the back of his 2018 Chevy Colorado.

Dishongh shelled out $6k to outfit his camper to make it a mini version of his condo⁠—from the retractable screen to the wood paneling. It is equipped with a rolled-up camp mattress, battery, and ventilation system.

Dishongh spent $6k for the renovations of the camper.

He has admitted that it’s cramped and day-to-day tasks are inconvenient since it has no kitchen nor bathroom (he just showers at the gym). And, it’s common for him to cook his dinner out in the woods using a cast-iron skillet.

Regardless, Dishongh is still content with his lifestyle even though he’s spending more time in his camper compared to his condo. He has said that he’s looking forward to fully own his condo⁠—free from mortgage. Now, freedom is his number 1 goal.

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