It looks like troubles haven’t ended yet for former ‘Two and a Half Men’ actor Charlie Sheen. Once being among the top-paid entertainers on television, the now-54-year-old’s career and fortune have been rocked by numerous legal controversies and health issues for years now. These troubles even affected his recent sale of a Beverly Hills mansion.


The 9,000 square feet home was reportedly bought through a trust

After two years in the real estate market and a couple of price cuts, Sheen has finally found a buyer for his seven-bedroom home. There’s a catch though. The actor initially wanted an estimated $10 million for the property when he decided to let go of it. In the end, he only got $6.6 million, which leaves him at a loss given the fact that he bought it for a reported $7.2 million back in 2006.

Looking at his current circumstances, it may be that he didn’t have much of a choice. According to sources, the actor re-listed the residence with a slashed price before so he can avoid foreclosure on the property. Apparently, Sheen received notice that his home would be foreclosed should he fail to pay a reported $80,000.

This amount is the total of what he owes in back payments for his mortgage. Sheen has also notably reduced the monthly spousal and child support payments he makes due to his financial woes.


Aside from the two swimming pools, the home’s backyard holds an outdoor bar and kitchen as well as a gazebo

Having a Mediterranean Revival aesthetic, the home was originally built in the early 90s. Some of its most notable design features include floor-to-ceiling windows and double-height living spaces spread out in the expansive abode. And speaking of living spaces, the mansion’s living room features an array of things from a jukebox, a pool table, and an impressive bookcase-shaped fish tank.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom has its own array of unexpected features such as a wet bar, a sitting room, and even a screening room. There’s also the ‘mini food elevator’ that is connected to the kitchen area down below.


The ex-couple’s children, Sam and Lola, are now 15 years old and 14 years old, respectively. Sheen and Richards have been separated since 2006

Sheen was also reportedly the landlord to his former wife Denise Richards and their two daughters, who all lived in a home next door to the actor. However, he allegedly evicted his family back in 2015. Richards then remarked on her ex-husband’s behavior becoming more and more erratic at the time.

The actor has previously bought and sold two more properties in the same area. The first one, acquired in 2011, was offloaded by the Sheen at a loss in 2015. He made a bit of a profit off of a home he bought in 2012 though, which he eventually offloaded in 2016.

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