Rapper Travis Scott is having a serious legal issue over a show he was booked for almost a year ago. He has been sued by organizers of the event, for failing to show up after he had been paid.

Travis was said to have boycotted the event due to the birth of his daughter

The rapper was said to have boycotted the show due to the birth of his daughter around the time the show was scheduled to take place. The organizing company explained that he was paid an advance fee of almost $150,000 to perform at the event, a super bowl party which was billed for the third day in February 2018 in Minnesota.

Aside the advance fee, the company also paid the rapper’s representatives $10,000 as an appearance fee and for hiring a jet to convey him to the show.


The court verdict found Travis Scott guilty of the charges levied against him, and he was ordered to pay $400,000 to the organizing company.

The organizers demanded a 7-figure settlement, but Travis was fined only $400,000

The attorney representing the rapper was however unimpressed by the court’s verdict, even if it was far off from the 7-figure payment the organizers were initially demanding.

Travis and his legal team are however not backing down after filing a countersuit against the organizer of the event, over an amount of $50,000 that was left unpaid from the event.


His attorney released a statement explaining what transpired, saying the organizers of the event contacted Travis for performing under some agreed terms and conditions. He continued by saying they were unable to meet the end of their bargain after failing to satisfy the financial requirements stated in the contract.

The attorney explained that it even got as bad as the organizers not being able to transport the rapper to the event.

Travis Scott’s attorney further claimed that the lawsuit filed against the rapper was because the organizers were trying to save face for the breaches in a contractual agreement. He also explained that the organizers are trying to create a diversion for their shortcomings by trying to spread falsified news about the rapper.

According to the attorney, Travis was already requesting for the balance of his fee when the suit was dropped against him, and even though he would have loved to settle the matter privately, the company going public has however forced his hands to countersue. They also used the opportunity to apologize to the rapper’s fans.


The organizers of the event in their own statement, say that they are glad justice has been finally served, and it is important that no matter how big a celebrity is, to meet the obligations of a contract.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner welcomed a baby girl last year

Travis Scott welcomed his daughter Stormi last year with girlfriend Kylie Jenner who according to Forbes is the world’s youngest billionaire.

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