Modern life requires people to buy a lot of expensive necessities. The good news is that not all of these should be bought brand new. One can easily save thousands of dollars by being smarter about certain purchases and buying them secondhand or even renting them.


Refurbished items often come with new parts and a warranty

Refurbished items are those units that have been returned to the manufacturer because of a variety of reasons. After they’ve been repaired by the original maker, they are put back into the market at a reduced price.

One can easily save hundreds of dollars by choosing to buy refurbished electronics. Even better is that people now have a lot of products and brands to choose from as both electronics giants Samsung and Apple offer such products.


Getting a car brand new isn’t really a necessity. People can still enjoy the same basic benefits of owning the latest model car by finding a secondhand one that’s not too old and has relatively low mileage. After all, most vehicles offer more or less the same features most people would need in their everyday lives.

Still, CarMax senior vice president Darren Newberry advises buyers to make thorough inspections when looking for a car that’s been previously owned. Watch out for vehicles with salvage history, frame damage, and flood damage when shopping for your next ride.


Brands like Ann Taylor now also offer workwear subscriptions, which help minimize the cost of clothes

Certain jobs require their employees to dress a certain way or attend formal events with a strict dress code. However, not everyone can regularly spring for gowns or work clothes worth hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, there are many renting services in the market that offer plenty of fashionable choices for working women.


It’s no secret that having babies can get quite expensive. They typically require a lot of new furniture, gear, and clothes.

There’s also the fact that they can outgrow these things quite fast as they develop. While parents shouldn’t cheap out on frequently used items, they can save a ton of cash by renting, borrowing or buying secondhand baby gear. Renting can also be a great way for new parents to get a feel of a product before spending hundreds of bucks on it.

When going this route, it’s important that moms and dads countercheck their purchases at a website like SafeKids.org. This is to ensure that they aren’t getting a product that’s been recalled and might be harmful to their baby.


You can also save money by buying your hobby equipment secondhand

Getting into a new hobby can cost some serious cash. For example, one needs to have equipment like tents, backpacks, stoves, bear canisters, and the like before they can go camping.

Fortunately, hobbyists don’t need to buy all of these at once. Most of these gear can be rented from sporting good stores, which are more than willing to let customers test out equipment before investing money on it.

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