What Good Leaders Can Do to Lead Their Team Through the Chaos


With the uncertainty that looms over the world as nations struggle to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, leaders and their capacity to lead will be tested in so many ways. Venture capital company Sequoia Capital has dubbed this period as 2020’s “black swan”, which pertains to rare unforeseen events that have made impacts in global activity.

After almost 5 decades of living through downturns, Sequoia has witnessed the quality that made companies survive: being able to act quickly and decisively. But how can you do that?

When you look at the bigger picture, successful companies have mirrored biology, as what Charles Darwin surmised. These surviving companies were not the strongest nor were they the most intelligent. They were the most adaptable to change.

Being able to manage change is a valuable skill in a leader. While making and adjusting to changes, great leaders should still accommodate people’s emotions and invest in their teams. To help leaders in this pursuit, here are 5 strategies to navigate through this crisis and weather the storm with your team.

Good leaders should be able to know how to manage changes

Face the Facts and Keep the Faith

You don’t have time for a denial stage in this kind of crisis. Be vigilant about the realities and fast-moving changes.

It may be better to communicate the facts directly to your team while still maintaining confidence that you all will get through it together. When they know that you have their backs, they’ll work better together toward the best path.

Don’t Assume That You Know People’s Fears

Thinking that your team members are worried about their job security and getting sick is not a far-fetched assumption.

However, there may be other things that keep them awake at night. Different people need different things to make them feel safe. So, allow your team to air out their emotional concerns.

Different people have different fears

Prepare For a Possible Chaos

Going on a crisis management approach is critical for uncertain times like this. It’s expected that anxiety levels will rise and motivation will suffer. To aid in this, try to set less demanding goals with frequent checkpoints. Also, customize your operating rules to help address what is needed during this time.

Virtually Build Up Your Team

For those who are (or those who already started) working from home, having a virtual team building has become the norm.

In a time of social distancing, you have to be creative in communicating with your team, maintaining organization, and keeping them motivated. Try to schedule personal check-ins so that you can check up on how they are doing.

Check-in with your team members via phone call

Envision a New Start

As you go through these obstacles, try to learn from it so you can be better prepared in the long run. Continue to look for business opportunities that this current recession may have caused

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