Lego and Tesla are two companies that are known for very different things. The former has successfully captured the market for toy building blocks while the other has made a name as a forefront innovator in the electric vehicle niche. However, there might be a chance for their two worlds to finally meet thanks to thousands of fans of the Danish toy company.


A look at BrickinNick’s Lego version of the Tesla Cybertruck

A reported 10,000 Lego fans have cast their lot to make a buildable plastic brick version of a Tesla vehicle a reality. The model in question is the recently unveiled Tesla Cybertruck. Fans agreed on a fan-made concept model of the Lego car through Lego Ideas, which is a website used by the company to get new product insight from their consumers.

It’s important to note though that it still remains unsure whether a Lego Tesla toy would really finally be made and sold to the public. What’s certain for now is that the people at lego are likely to take a closer look at the design submission and consider whether they will produce it as a product.

The model was made by BrickinNick, who has gained an online following as a Lego builder. Some of his other ideas involving the plastic brick toys feature popular cartoon characters like Tigger and Winnie the Pooh. One of these notably received 1,700 votes since being unveiled in June.


BrickinNick reportedly did a 24-hour live stream on the Twitch platform where he built and rebuilt the Cybertruck model

As it turns out, the design for the Tesla Cybertruck differs from the builder’s other work as BrickinNick reveals that he has been a longtime fan of the Elon Musk-headed company. One factor that played into the amount of attention that his design garnered is its timing, said BrickinNick.

Apparently, the project was posted just a week and a half after Tesla’s much-hyped reveal of the Cybertruck. The builder also admitted that he almost gave up at some point due to the difficulty of creating the vehicle with the right piece configurations.


BrickinNick’s rendition shows von Holzhausen (left) holding a metal ball and a sledgehammer

Fortunately, all of his hard work paid off in the end. And when his model garnered attention, he even added some clever additions to his initial idea. He included figures portraying Tesla’s CEO as well as automobile designer Franz von Holzhausen.

While it may take a long time for other Lego fans to be able to do the same, that is if the company pushes through with producing the model, they can try to copy what BrickinNick did as he has actually posted a video demonstrating how to build a mini-Cybertruck. Watching the time-lapse video of him constructing his model and following him will certainly take less time than waiting for Lego to release a Cybertruck set.

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